White Buffalo Woman, Buffalo Calf Maiden

Ages ago, this sacred woman brought secret knowledge to the Oglala of the Midwestern forests and plains.  It was said that she first appeared to two young men, a white-clad lady whose clothing was lavishly embroidered with porcupine quills in exquisite patterns.
  One of the young men was overtaken by lust, but the second recognized that she was no earthly woman.  The first, although warned, could not contain himself; he rushed open-armed toward the woman.  She smiled, and a soft white cloud descended to cover their embrace.
  When it passed, the woman stood alone with the young man's skeleton at her feet.  Smiling, she told the second man that the dead had been awarded just what he sought.  She instructed the man to return to his village and set his people to building a huge sacred tent.
  Then she entered the village, and the people were enraptured by her presence.  Walking seven times around the central fire, she spoke to them, giving them a bag containing a sacred pipe and teaching them the ceremonies that went with these objects.  Then, recalling that this was the third of seven revelations to the Oglala, she reminded them of the mysteries of their mother, the earth.  Urging them always to honor her, she disappeared in the shape of a white buffalo.
Text from Patricia Monaghan's The New Book of Goddesses and Heroines

  • White Buffalo Calf Woman
    Told by Iron Shell, the Dakota Chronicler

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