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 The Fourteenth Key (Enochian)

Noroni bajihie pasahasa Oiada! das tarinuta mireca ol tahila dodasa tolahame caosago homida: das berinu orocahe quare: Micama! Bial' Oiad; aisaro toxa das ivame aai Balatima. Zodacare od Zodameranu! Odo cicale Qaa! Zodoreje, lape zodiredo Noco Mada, hoathahe I A I D A.

The Fourteenth Key (English)

O ye sons of fury, the daughters of the Just One!  That sit upon 24 seats, vexing all creatures of the Earth with age, which have 1636 under ye.: Behold!   The Voice of God; the promise of Him who is called amongst ye Fury or Extreme Justice. Move and shew yourselves! Unveil the Mysteries of your Creation; be friendly unto me, for I am the servant of the same your God: the true worshipper of the Highest!

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