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 The Seventh Key (Enochian)

Ra-asa isalamanu para-di-zoda oe-cari-mi aao iala-piregahe Qui-inu. Enai butamonu od inoasa ni pa-ra-diala. Casaremeji ujeare cahirelanu, od zodonace lucifatianu, caresa ta vavale-zodirenu tol-hami. Soba lonudohe od nuame cahisa ta Da o Desa vo-ma-dea od pi-beliare itahila rita od miame ca-ni-quola rita! Zodacare! Zodameranu! Iecarimi Quo-a-dahe od I-mica-ol-zododa aaiome. Bajirele papenore idalugama elonusahi--od umapelifa vau-ge-ji Bijil--IAD!

The Seventh Key (English)

The East is a house of virgins singing praises amongst the flames of first glory wherein the Lord hath opened his mouth; and they are become 28 living dwellings in whom the strength of man rejoiceth; and they are apparelled with ornaments of brightness, such as work wonders on all creatures. Whose Kingdoms and continuance are as the Third and Fourth, Strong Towers and places of comfort, the Seats of Mercy and Continuance. O you Servants of Mercy, Move! Appear! Sing praises unto the Creator; and be mighty amongst us. For to this remembrance is given power, and our strength waxeth strong in our Comforter!

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