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Kabalistic Cross:

Pronunciation Description/Meaning
Ateh aah-toh

Unto Thee


Located at the larynx the location of the Vishuddha Cakkra, attributed to Saturn and Da'ath.

Malkuth mal-kooth

The Kingdom

ve-Geburah Ve-ghee-boo-rah

and the Power

ve-Gedulah Ve-ghee-doo-lah

and the Glory

le-Olam lee-oh-lum

To the Ages

Hebrew Archangels:

East Raphael rah-fay-ale  
West Gabriel gah-bree-ale  
South Michael mee-khigh-ale  
North Auriel oh-ree-ale  


IHVH Ye-ho-vah or Ye-ho-wah The Tetragrammaton; if there were an infinitive form in Hebrew of the verb "to be", this would be it, but as it happens, the "being" verb is the only one in Hebrew that has no customarily-used infinitive form.
ADNI Ah-do-nai "Lord"; often used by Thelemites as a name for the Holy Guardian Angel
AHIH E-hei-eh "I Am"
EHEIEH Eh-hay-yah  
AGLA Ah-gul-lah
as spelled, or sometimes as expanded version of the phrase for which it is a notariqon or acronym: Ateh Gibor le-Olam Adonai
Thou art mighty forever, Lord

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