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Star Ruby:

Apo Pantos Kakodaimonos   Away every evil Spirit


Soi   Unto you


O Falle   O Phallus


Ischuros   Strong; Strength


Eucharistos   Eucharist; mystic feast; thanksgiving






IO PAN    


PRO MOU IUGGES   Before me the Iynges


OPISO MOU TELETARCAI   Behind me the Teletarch[ae]


EPI DEXIA SYNOCEIS   On my right hand the Synoches


EPARISTERA DAIMONES   On my left, the daemons


FLEGEI GAR PERI MOU O ASTHR TON PENTE   for about me flames the Star of Five


KAI EN THI STHLHI   and in the column


O ASTHR TON EX ESTHKE   stands the Star of Six




Star Saphire:

Latin English


PATER ET MATER The Father and the Mother are one God, ARARITA


MATER ET FILIUS The Mother and the Son are one God


FILIUS ET FILIA The Son and the Daughter are one God


FILIA ET PATER The Daughter and the Father are one God


OMNIA IN DUOS: DUO IN UNUM: UNUS IN NIHIL: HAEC NEC QUATUOR NEC OMNIA NEC DUO NEC UNUS NEC NIHIL SUNT All in Two; Two in One; One in Nothing; Yet neither four nor all nor two nor one nor nothing are they.


GLORIA PATRI ET MATRI ET FILIO ET FILIAE ET SPIRITUI SANCTO EXTERNO ET SPIRITUI SANCTO INTERNO UT ERAT EST ERIT IN SAECULA SAECULORUM SEX IN UNO PER NOMEN SEPTEM IN UNO Glory to the Father and to the Mother and to the Son and to the Daughter and to the external Holy Spirit and to the internal Holy Spirit, as it was, is, will be, forever and ever, six in one by the name of seven in one

Rose Cross:







THELEMA   Thelema is the Greek for Will, and has the same numerical value as Agape, the Greek for Love.












Liber Samekh:

ASAR UN-NEFER   Myself made Perfect
IA-BESZ   The Truth in Matter
IA-APOPHRASZ   The Truth in Motion

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