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Mother of Life and Joy, that art the might of humanity, that art the essence of every true goddess that is upon the face of the earth, continuing knowledge from generation unto generation, thou adored of us on heaths and in woods, in temples of gold and ivory and marble as in these other temples of our bodies, we worthily commemorate them worthy that did of old adore thee and manifest thy glory unto thier children: Kwan Yin and Green Tara and Radha and Nepthis, the Queen of Sheba, Ariadne, Fatima, and BABALON the Scarlet Woman; with these also, Maia, Artemis, Isis and Lilith, Nefertit and Cleopatra, Hera, Euridyce and Penelope, with Sappho of Mitylene, Emily Dickenson, HD and many an holy bard, Cybele, Helen and Hypatia of Alexandria, and Diotima, Priestesses of the Oracle at Delphi, that transmitted the light of the Gnosis to us thier sucessors and heirs, with Nimue the Lady of the Lake, Gwenever, Kundry and Morgan Le Fey, Circe and Medea, Mistresses of Magick who bore the cauldron and the scabbard, the bell the book and the candle against the heathen, with Dulcinea, Eleanor of Aquitane, Maria the Jewess, Tegolin the maid of Edeyrrnion, Queen Boudicca, Joan of Arc the martyr, Alchymia, Hildegard von Bingen, Pope Joan, Queen Elizabeth the First, Hestor Prynne, Sacajawea, Annie Oakley, Madame Blavatsky, Annie Besant, Lou Salome, Layla Wadell, Dion Fortune, Jane Wolfe, Cameron Parsons, Rose Kelly, Sybil Leek, Elisabeth Stanton-Cady and Isadora Duncan.

Oh daughters of the Lion and the Snake! With all they saints we worthily commemorate them worthy that were, and are and are yet to come.
May thier essence be here this moment, Mighty, Mysterious and Maternal to perfect this feast!!!

This was written by Lew Finzel, assisted by Heather Shubert, with a few 
additions from Ruthanne.

This page last updated: 03/01/2018

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