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Our most potent, puissant and paternal El Rizuli ('Alayh is'Salam) presently arose from his silence and spake unto us saying:

"In the traditions of the Ishmali Gnostics, each time a new aeon come into being, there were two poles: The Prophet and the Imam. The Prophet would be the 9=2 Magus that sets for the Word and the Law. His twin is the Imam, who is the spiritual side of the manifestation, the esoteric side. Therefore, just as the Prophet was primarily focused upon a Word, its exoteric expression so as to establish a religion (an act of a black brother - RHP) and an exoteric law, so his twin concentrated on setting up the 'true' inner tradition, or esoteric spiritual tradition that is based on the new vibration reaching manifestation. So Crowley's 'Thelema' and work establishing external organizations, was his work as a Prophet, as a 9=2 and as a IX*. His work with A:.A:. and esoteric initiations, was another side to the man, his role was that of an 8=3, in that his task was to tend his garden of initiates, he was an XI* (If by now your notions of 'higher' and 'lower' are getting mixed up good, your watching the Kundalini path intercross).

"So in a sense the work of a Prophet is done when its done. Sure some RHP 8=3 will come along and make it more rigid, add more rules, rules that interpret and build upon the Magus' word and law. But there will also be a successor to the Imam or esoteric 8=3. There is a title for this and it is 'Khalipha' in Ismaili, often translated as Caliph - it means esoteric spiritual successor. This is in contrast to a title such as OHO which is obviously an exoteric, prophet side title or position (whether legitimate or not).

"As these two side start to drift apart after the initial founder, who held them together, Moses, Christ, Buddha, Muhhamed, Crowley, two poles emerge.
In Islam to pick an easy one, there is the Sunna or the lawyerly side, which holds that the exoteric interpretation is primary. Then there is the Shi'ite side (currently against the US politically) which follows a tradition of Inner Spiritual Heads, Imams, or Khaliphas, running through the centuries.
There is a tension between these two: the Orthodox Sunna and the 'radical esoteric' Shi'ite.

"In the Crowley lineage this is just happening sooner. There is the classical exoteric side, the desire to be an OHO and to not be a 'Caliph,' the return to the exoteric and lawful 1917 constitution. The IX* sex magic is the highest degree worked as it is demiurgic, that is, it creates using known formula with results intended to enhance what already exists. Here you get a de-emphasis upon the mouth to ear traditions, and a reliance upon corporate/bureaucratic exoteric organizations, with rules, laws, etc.

"The Khalipha side is an emphasis upon the esoteric, the marginal, if not unlawful. You see this with Grady as 'Caliph' never wanting to be an OHO.
As such as spiritual successor you can see he would have taken the 'essence' of the XI* even if Grady the man never worked it. Therefore he could 'recognize' it in Patrick King and activate it. Lineage is very, very important, as the mouth to ear transmission must occur to hold the line together since there is an absence of external organized structure.

"As I mentioned in an earlier post, the XI* is not destructive, per se, of all exoteric matters, it is just that it is geared towards personal initiation, towards a coming into being (Xeper) if you will. Note that Xeper or the Khepra Beetle is used by a number of thelemic or initiatory groups.

"As I also mentioned earlier, the IX* is primarily demiurgic. That is it creates according to the subjective realm of the operator(s), with the 'objective' world as the field of operation. That is, something subjective becomes something objective. In the XI* something subjective changes or alters something else subjective. Here you get the jabs that the XI* is "sterile" etc.

"The XI* as the Inner Head of the Order, is a reference to the role of the Khalipha as a spiritual successor to the Imam. The inner head would not have temporal power, per se, as that is not what this is about. An outer organization that didn't have such a person in it, would split the two currents, exoteric and esoteric, and lead it down the path of the exoteric, with the XI* now outside, acting in part as rebels. But this is not how it was intended. They are the "twin pillars" referred to in Liber AL.. The notion of an XI* as a 'threat' to the power of an OHO is silly, no such XI* would want such powers.

"So IMO Crowley's vision was to see the two united in a single organization, that could embrace both. Whether that can happen is still in the aire."

Walaikum as sala'am,
Abd Al-Fasiqun 

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