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G r a d u s   P e n t h a l p h a e

Translated from http://www.cyberlink.ch/~koenig/pent.htm

Adolf Hemberger:

    The core 18°= Magus of the Pentalphae = Gradus Pentalphae = Gradus Pentagrammos is the " Chymi wedding ". Hatha Yoga practices, as well as sexualmagische and tantrische rites are maintained. It is a special degree, which can be skipped and only to few one lends. With the handling only rarely Saturnbrueder will become assigned. Degree owner is e.g. Ptahhotep [ walter Englert ]. The ritual guidances estrecken themselves on the statements stated in the secret documents as special letters, as well as the verbally given statements of the Gregorius to Frater Ptahhotep. (furthermore see the magic letters VIII - Sexualmagie - and the O.T.O. Ritualistik in the " Gnosti fair " in its esoterischen form or secret Lesart)!

    As Ptah, which was admired as a designer of the Magier temple, is the carrier 18. Degree carry out the union of the creative principle with its chosen servants and maids. The terrestrial counterpart is the Pharao or the inaugurating of the Ptah and priest king, gentleman " both realms ", the here and the there, as genuine Magus in the Hemen and Etan.
    The Mysteriendrama of Memphis serves as memory rite. The Liturgie celebrates the Unio Mystica symbolically as the " unity in the ALL ".
    For the rose cruiser degrees (18°,-20°) the Zingulum or the broad belt consisting of dark-green silk is flag, which steps 18 with the achieving°to the place of the green cord cord. On the Schaerpe the achieved degree appropriate Glyphe is eingestickt. For the 18°this is the Pentagramm in black (O.T.O. IX°leads a golden Pentagramm on black reason in the Schurz), with ritual handling in red. The Magus exemptus with the fair and the large inspector carry red.


    Gradus Pentalphae

    The space deflected red, the altar black with white Antependum - on a red fallen Pentagramm [? ]. on the altar is a fuenfarmiger leuchter with red candles, the hitting a corner lights carries likewise red candles. Masters of the chair and priest and Ceremonienmeister carry red masks. Before the altar - between altar and Tapis a fire in a tripod flames.
    (in these holy halls! - five times gong!)

    Master of the chair: " Jallah! Are greeted my brothers and sisters. Are you ready to celebrieren the ritual fivefold alpha with pure heart and without bad in the sense? "
    Everything: " we are it! "
    Master of the chair: " brother of first custodians, which is your obligation? "
    First custodian: to check " whether we are all masters in°18. Whether we the character carry and the grasp know! "
    Master of the chair: " in such a way you walten your office! "

    The first custodian leaves its workstation and goes to everyone individually, in order to let the password be whispered [ to Baphomet ] in the ear. Then it goes back to its workstation and calls: " on me! ". All make now the master character and afterwards the character of the Magus Pentalphae.

    First custodian: " very venerable master. The present ones proved to be doubly carriers°18. It is not everyday in the space. "
    Five times gong. Five times silver bell!
    Second custodian: " in order, my brothers and sisters! "
    Master of the chair: " raising you my brothers and sisters and speak themselves you the vow " (also through-stretched Dauem raises the right fist).
    Everything: " we swear and after the holy laws fivefold alpha to gel above live and concern. We will guard and will retain the secrets and will make them accessible no everyday one. Also not our brothers and sisters, who do not hold°the 18. Death and spoiling the traitor! Curse its Ego! Gesegnet is the true cup of the light, whose strength may protect us the temptation! Aum! " (all sit down on their workstations!)
    Master of the chair steps before the altar: " in Nomine Sator, Rahator, Etan! In Nomine Baphomet - Hel yac yin! Jallah! I call and swear to you, it forces of the item fire! flows into my hands, my heart and my brain! And give me the strength for waking the Urschlange. " (power a character with the hand to the chair of the Priesterin. This rises and steps measured step before the master of the chair).
    The master of the chair strikes the Pentagramm over its head and speaks: " the strength of the queue, the age-old kite, awakes to daughter of the Lilith in you. It steige up from the darkness of your lap and flows into us all with all power and strength of the Uridaphne! "
    To Priesterin kneel down and go to the master of the chair a dolch. This raises it - the blade kisses and puts it on the altar. Then it goes toward the flaming tripod and throws a handful in of Raeucher and coloring means into the flame, so that it lights up blood-redly, then steps it before the still kneeling Priesterin and puts both hands on its head: " raise you - you blaulidrige daughter of the dawn! Do you detect me? "
    Priesterin: " I detect you! "
    Master of the chair: " sister of the five-flamed asterisk, you feel me? "
    Priesterin: " brother, I feels you! "
    Everything: " Om - Om Rahalon! "
    Master of the chair: " sister, give me the character of the realization! "

    Priesterin tears de Kapuze of the head - the mask remains however: " Placet Magister!! "
    Master of the chair: " I do not detect you yet! " (the kapuze strips).
    Priesterin: " Jallah! " (opens the upper buttons of the coat - without the belt to solve and exposes the chests).
    Master of the chair: " I do not detect you yet! " (exposes itself up to the belt line. Masters of the chair, Priesterin, as well as everything present ones of the fair in the 18 are naturally naked more under the kutte!)
    Priesterin with ekstatischer gesture, loosens the belt and throws the coat off. Places itself with spread legs and easily before-curved body - hands high-stretched also to through-stretched thumb, ekstatisch: " Jallah! Son of the Osiris! Do you detect me now? " Master of the chair throws likewise ekstatisch the robe off, so that only the mask and the silver five-asterisk on its chest over-remain: " Kuf - ankh - hor! "
    Priesterin: " Kuf - ankh - Herpokrat! " (the levers with a jerk take down and seize the member officiate to Magus. If it is large and strong, then the Priesterin puts on the altar, spreads the legs far apart and receives the member of the master in their sheath.
    In this instant brothers and sisters rise and form a chain around the altar, rhytmisch singing: " Jiiyallah! Jiijallah! "
    The Ceremonienmeister steps now into the set and seizes the knife. Then it places against the top copulierenden itself pair. It has a living black cock (or hen), holds the fluttering animal over the coitierenden priests and cuts to it off with only one cut the heading. The blood must pour over the coitisierenden priests.
    Everything, ever more ekstatischer and louder: " j-jallah! " (in the increasing speed)
    Briefly before the Ejakulation removes the officiating for its Penis from the sheath. The Priesterin seizes it and brings with its hands blood on the Penis. Then it puts the left hand on root (Steiss) Chakra of the man, with that rights seizes it the member and brings it by strong rubbing to the Ejakulation! Briefly before the Ejakulation pushes it with a ekstatischen cry the finger deeply into the Anus of the acting Magus, which brings the same by hand manipulation of the Clitoris of the Priesterin approximately in the same instant to the Orgasmus.
    With a ekstatischen cry everything ends this Ceremonie.
    The Ceremonienmeister opens the brother chain, takes a pure white cloth from silk and spreads it over the Priesterin, the following magic symbol formula imaginierend: ...

    These symbols can be drawn also with the dolch toward the east - if the necessary imagination strength is missing! Then it hangs the master of the chair a red umhang over. This is involved again behind the altar, the brothers and sisters takes being silent its workstations. The Ceremonienmeister seizes the Raeucherpfanne and smokes after four directions. Afterwards calling the Logenegregors takes place \" Gotos " via the master from the chair. " Euraseh zed echna Emzke ho! Hareb Kaloo emtah kreas kaa elam! Noab tazwah mehischeh ula elm tree elegob maha!
    Erechthon kale almaia jaschbarak Hed gog Mehengog Maguth ebze Carago hed however, obeah, durach, elego kale almaino edach. Amno wimero Amom!
    Makalo hem! Gotoas! Makabo! Hetan hem! Gotoy! Hur Ro close Gotoy! Gotoy! Gotoy. Ave ebze Karon. "

    Afterwards masters of the chair: a " my brothers and you speak yourselves raising you me after: " we gel above and swear to be silent! Our brothers and sisters are witnesses!
    Receive now the benediction!
    The eternal one and segne you!
    It increases your strength!
    It deepens your wisdom!
    and ignite your love!
    because! Love is the law!
    Love under will!
    Go in peace my brothers and sisters and locking you the mouth and to guard you the tongue. "

    Everything: " death the traitor! Aum! "
    All except Priesterin and masters of the chair leave the space.

    (Translated by Babal Fish)

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