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The implements necessary to the due performance of the Building of the Pyramid and the Ceremony of the Equinox.
Phallus for altar    Oil    Centre
[fire] Wand    E    Flame    E
[water] Ring    N    Wine    W
[earth] Lamen    S    Bread & Salt    N
[air] Robe    W    Rose    E
Knife (Scourge and Chain)

Note the position of weapons and elements, interchanging the Zodiacal and Terrestrial attributions of the Four.

        _The Building of the Pyramid_

(In S.W.) (The "East" is the Direction of Boleskine)

Hail, Asi! (sound bell) (establishing Demeter in S.W.)
(in N.W.) Hail, Hoor-Apep! (sound bell) est. Hades in N.W.)
The Silence speech beget! (Banishing spiral dance)
From the Throne of East. (establishing Hermes in E.)
The Words against the Son of Night!
Tahuti speaketh in the Light.
Knowledge and Power, twin warriors shake
The Invisible, they roll asunder
The Darkness, Matter shines, a snake.
Sebek is smitten by the thunfder!
The Light breaks forth from under!
From West. (invoking Hermes)
Oh thou! the apex of the Flame
With Ibis head and Phoenix wand
And wings of Night, whose serpents strain
Their bodies, bending the Beyond.
Thou in the light and in the Night.
Art one, above their moving might!
At altar with Scourge, Dagger, Chain and Oil
The Lustral Water. Let its flood
Cleanse me, lymph, marrow, and blood!
The Fire informing. Let the Oil
Balance assain, assoil!
Optional The Scourge, the Dagger, and the Chain
Purge body, breast, and brain
With invoking spiral dance.
Now let me pace the path, bind on
The girdle of the Starry One!
In West M M
Homage to the, Lord of the Word! (Sign of enterer)
Lord of the Silence, homage to Thee (Sign of Silence)
Lord we adore Thee, still and stirred
Beyond Eternity! (Both signs)
[page two]
Far from the silence of the wand
Unto the speaking of the Sword,
And back again to the Beyond,
This is the toil and the reward.
This is the path of Hua - Ho! (? T.)
This is the path of IAO.

Hail, Asi, hail! (bell) thou wanded wheel:
Alpha and Delta kissed, and came
For Five that feed the flame.
Hail, Hoor-Apep! (bell) ythou sword of steel!
Alpha and Delta and Epsilon
Met in the Shadow of the Pylon:
And in Iota did proclaim
That tenfold core and crown of flame.
Hail, Hoor-Apep! Unspoken name!

In closing, the ritual is identical to the word 'brain'
Then use banishing spiral dance, and say:
'Now let mine hands unloose the sweet
And shining girdle of Nuith!'
Continue with the homage, and down to IAO.

Then taking the Sacrament say: For lo! the Holy One has said:
These are my body's elements
Tried and found pure, a golden spoil;

Incense and wine and fire and bread
These I consume, true sacraments,
For the perfection of the Oil.

For I am clothed about with flesh
And I am the eternal Spirit.
I am the Lord that riseth fresh
From death; my glories they inherit
Who shall abide with me. I am
The manifestor of the Unseen.
Without me all. the land of Khem
Is as it had not been.

Hail, Hoor (bell)
    Hail, Asi! (bell)
        Hail, Tahuti (bell)

Asar Un-Nefar, (bell) through the rendered veil, I am Thyself, with all thy brilliance decked.

Khabs Am Pekht!

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