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Aleister Crowley
With Mary Desti and Leila Waddell
Book Four - Parts I-IV

  1. Mysticism (pdf version OTO) (pdf version)
  2.  Magick (Elementary Theory) (pdf version OTO)
  3.  Magick in Theory and Practice (pdf version OTO)
  4. THELEMA: The Law (pdf version OTO)

Edited, annotated and introduced by
[From the Samuel Weiser edition]

This first one-volume edition of Book Four is dedicated to the memory of the A.'. A.'. members who contributed to the creation and publication of the first editions of its four parts

Soror Ouarda (Rose Edith Crowley, 1874-1932)
Frater Per Ardua (Maj.-Gen. John Frederick Charles Fuller, 1878-1966)
Soror Agatha (Leila Waddell, 1880-1932)
Soror Virakam (Mary Desti, 1871-1931)
Soror Rhodon (Mary Butts, 1890-1937)
Soror Alostrael (Leah Hirsig, 1883-1951)
Frater Volo Intelligere (Gerald Joseph Yorke, 1901-1983)

and to its principal author

Frater Perdurabo (Aleister Crowley, 1875-1947)

To see the elect most joyfully refreshed
With every good thing and celestial manna...
Such was the bargain. How praiseworthy he
Who shall have persevered even to the end!
- Rabelais, "A Prophetic Riddle,"
Gargantua and Pantagruel

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