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Liber 671 Pyramidos


000. The Building of the Pyramid.

The Magus with Wand. On the Altar are incense, Fire, Bread, Wine, the Chain, the Scourge, the Dagger & the Oil. In his left hand he taketh the Bell.

Hail! Asi! hail, Hoor–Apep!
Let The Silence speech beget!

Two strokes on Bell. Banishing Spiral Dance.

The Words against the Sons of Night
Tahuti speaketh in the Light.
Knowledge & Power, twin warriors, shake
The Invisible; they roll asunder
The Darkness; matter shines, a snake.
Sebek is smitten by the thunder
The Light breaks forth from Under.

He goes to the West, in the centre of the base of the Triangle of Θωθ (Aleph) Asi (Mem)
and Hoor (Shin).

O Thou, the Apex of the Plane,
With Ibis head & Phoenix Wand
And Wings of Night! Whose serpents’ strain
Thou in the Light & in the Night!

He lays the Wand, etc., on the Altar, uses the Scourge on his buttocks, cuts a cross with the Dagger1 upon his breast & tightens the Chain of the Bell about his forehead, saying:

The Lustral Water! Smite thy flood
Through me Lymph, marrow & blood!

Anointing the Wounds, say:

The Fire Informing! Let the Oil
Balance, assain, assoil!

The Invoking Spiral Dance.

So Life takes Fire from Death, & runs
Whirling amid the Suns.

Hail, Asi! Pace the Path, bind on
The girdle of the Starry One!

Sign of the Enterer:

Homage to Thee, Lord of the Word!

Sign of Silence:

Lord of Silence, Homage to Thee!

Repeating both Signs:

Lord we adore Thee, still & stirred
Beyond Infinity.

The Secret Word: MUAUM2 (Blue, Orange, Yellow–Green, Yellow, Orange, Blue)

For from the Silence of the Wand
Unto the Speaking of the Sword,
And back again to the Beyond,
This is the toil & the Reward.
This is the Path of HVA – Ho!
This is the Path of ΙΑΩ.


Hail Asi! Hail, thou Wanded Wheel!
Alpha & Delta kissed & came
For five that feed the Flame.


Hail, Hoor–Apep! thou Sword of Steel!
Alpha & Delta & Epsilon
Met in the Shadow of the Pylon
And in Iota did proclaim
That tenfold core & crown of flame.
Hail, Hoor–Apep! Unspoken Name!


Thus is the Great Pyramid duly builded.

I. INITIATION (followeth)

The First Pylon3.

I know not who I am; I know not whence I came;
I know not whither I go; I seek but What I do not know!
I am blind & bound; but I have heard one cry
Ring through Eternity; Arise & follow me!

Asar Un–nefer! I invoke
The Four–fold Horror of the Smoke.
Unloose the Pit! by the dread Word
Of Power that Set–Typhon hath heard.


The Fear of Darkness & of Death
The Fear of Water & of Fire
The Fear of the Chasm & the Chain
The Fear of Hell & the dead Breath
The Fear of Him, the Demon dire
That on the Threshold of the Inane
Stands with his Dragon Fear to slay
The Pilgrim of the Way.

Thus I pass by with Force & Care,
Advance with Fortitude & Wit,
In the straight Path, or else Their Snare
Were surely Infinite.

The Passing of the Second Pylon.5

Falls back to earth in position of Osiris Slain, actions to words, using chain, scourge
and dagger.

Asar! Who clutches at my throat?
Who pins me down? Who stabs my heart?
I am unfit to pass within this Pylon of the Hall of Maat.
The Lustral Water! Let thy flood
Cleanse me lymph, marrow, & blood!
The Scourge, the Dagger & the Chain
Purge body, breast & brain!

1     A rough scratch that leaves the sign + upon the breast, the intersection of the cross is pierced with the tip
of the Dagger producing a drop of blood.
2     93 = Mem (40) Vau (6) Aleph (1) Vau (6) Mem (40)
3     The Tuat Pylon.
4     Pronounce this rubric chant backwards.
5     The Tomb Pylon.



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