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Tarot Crowley Thoth Deck On-line Reading

The descriptions of the cards are now being broken into two area's.

  1. The Book of Thoth.
    1. Text typed in directly from the Book of Thoth by David Mattichak.
  2. The Little Booklet
    1. This is the little booklet that comes with the cards themselves.
      1. Each card's description is broken into 3 sections.  The first section was written for an exhibition at Berkeley Galleries, appears to have been written entirely by Lady Harris, and is her own interpretation of the cards and represents her only written public statement on the cards.  The second section was written for an "Exhibition of Playing Cards," was probably edited by Lady Harris from Crowley's writings.  He is on record as having approved the contents of this essay.  The third section is a basic meaning that was taken from "Instructions for Aleister Crowley's THOTH tarot deck" included with the cards in the 1978, 1983 edition.

PDF Version of the Book of Thoth in Bulgarian (ziped)


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