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The Root of the Powers of the Air
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"Ace of Swords"

Ace of Swords: This card is a picture of the intellect in its best and most controlled aspect.

On the hilt of the sword is written Thelema or Will.  There are two moons and three suns on the handle, the expanse of sky behind it suggests the other meaning of the suit, the element of air.

This card represents the first of the mixed elements, and is the result of the Union of Water and Air.  In the centre is a sword implying kingship, which pierces a crown and twelve points for the twelve signs of the Zodiac.

Invoked force as contrasted with natural force (compare Ace of Wands).   Represents great power for good or evil but invoked.  Conquest.  Whirling force.  Activity.  Strength through trouble.  As affirmation of justice upholding  divine authority, may become sword of wrath, punishment and affliction.


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