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The Lord of Sorrow
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"Three of Swords or Spears"

Three of Swords : Sorrow.  Saturn in Libra.  Binah.

A magician's sword and two short ones are tearing the rose to pieces.   This suggests the confusion and darkness of the intellect which is emancipated without a guiding principle.

Binah in the suit of Air.  Saturn in Libra.  The card represents the Great Sword of the Magician, point uppermost, cutting the junction of the two short swords.  The background shows crystallisation and storm.  This is the darkness of the Great Sea.

Contradictory characteristics in the same nature.  Sacrifice and trouble giving birth to strength.  Quarrel made up and peace restored, yet tension remaining.   Pleasure after pain.  Truth and untruth.  Indecision.  Actions sometimes selfish, sometimes unselfish.


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