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The Lord of Rest from Strife
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"Four of Swords"

Four of Swords: Truth.  Jupiter in Libra.  Chesed.

The formality of the design of the swords, the cross, and the rose denote intellect bound by rigid convention.

The surrounding crystals, as in all these sword cards, contain the hidden names of their guardian angels worked out in numbers on squared paper.  It was thought that air was formed of crystals according to Pythagoras.

Truce.  Chessed in the suit of Air.  Jupiter in Libra.  The four swords in this card are at the corner of a St. Andrew's Cross.  Their points are sheathed in a rose of forth-nine petals.  This represents the establishment of dogma and convention in the realm of intellect.

Rest from sorrow.  Peace after war.  Relaxation of anxiety.   Refuge from mental chaos.  Recovery from sickness.  Change for the better after struggle.  Authority in the intellectual world.  Convention.   Establishment of dogma.


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