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The Lord of Defeat
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"Five of Swords"

Five of Swords: Defeat.  Venus in Aquarius.  Geburah.

The swords form an inverted pentagram.  They are crooked and broken and the roses are falling.  The condition shown is intellect weakened by sentiment.

Geburah in the suit of Air.  Venus in Aquarius.

The hilts of the swords form an inverted pentagram and are diverse, the blades broken and crooked, typifying intellect enfeebled by sentiment.

Defeat.  Loss.  Malice.  Spite.  Weakness.  Slander.   Failure.  Anxiety.  Poverty.  Dishonor.  Trouble.   Grieving after pain.  Ties.  Separator of friends.  A busybody, cruel yet cowardly, evil speaking.


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