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The Lord of Earned Success
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"Six of Swords"

Six of Swords: Science.  Mercury in Aquarius.  Tiphareth.

The points of the swords centre in a rose and cross.  They are lying on a fencer's diagram (14th century) which was worked out scientifically to show the positions in which a fencer can stand and be invulnerable.  The card suggests by its symmetrical design a perfect balance of intellect and principle.

Tiphareth in the suit of Air.  Mercury in Aquarius.

The ornamental hilts of the Swords form a hexagon in the card.  Their points touch the outer petals of the red rose upon a Golden Cross of six squares.   The perfect balance of mental and moral faculties, hardly won and impossible to hold, interprets the idea of Science.

Intelligence that has realized its goal.  Labor.  Work.  Success after anxiety.  Passage from difficulty.  Journey by water.  Ill-dignified: Selfishness.  Conceit.  Intellectual pride.


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