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The Lord of Unstable Effort
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"Seven of Swords"

Seven of Swords: Futility.  Moon in Aquarius.  Netzach.

The hilts of the swords form a crescent, but the card is a tenuous design to show that the mind is confused and undecided.

Netzach in the suit of Air.  Moon in Aquarius.

The card shows six Swords with their hilts in crescent formation.  Their points impinge on a much larger upthrusting Sword.  Here vacillation and compromise are depicted.

Unstable effort.  Vacillation.  Vain striving against opposition too powerful.  Partial success by giving up on the brink of winning through lack of energy.  Fascination with display.  Journey by land.  Untrustworthy person.


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