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The Lord of Ruin
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"Ten of Swords"

Ten of Swords: Ruin.  Sun in Gemini.

Again the design is the Tree of Life on which the swords are arranged, the centre one is the heart or Sun which is broken in fragments.  The mind has let go all control and whirls in tormented madness.

Ruin.  Malkuth in the suit of Air.  Sun in Gemini.  The Swords are arranged on the Tree of Life, but the points one to five, and seven to nine, shatter the central Sword which represents the Sun, the Heart.  The background is a flame with explosive destruction.  This card shows reason run mad and a riot of soulless mechanism.

Ruin.  Reason divorced from reality.  Death.  Failure.   Disaster yet not entirely without hope.  Disruption.  Idle chatter.   Clever, eloquent and insolent person, impertinent yet with mirth.   Spiritually, may herald the end of delusion.


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