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The Root of the Powers of the Earth
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"Ace of Pentacles"

The Ace of Disks.  This is primitive earth, both as a whirling planet and a substance.  The movement of the planet is suggested by the wings.  The Greek inscription is "to the mark of the Beast" and implies the earthy element.

Represents the last of the feminine symbols; it is the twin sister of Air, and its bride.  It is not only Earth, but matter as such.  Per contra, the Disk is the whirling symbol of Space.  The Disk is winged to indicate its spiritual origin.

The Root of the Powers of Earth.  Material gain.  Power.  Labor.   Wealth.  Contentment.  Materiality in all senses.  For Crowley, this card was an affirmation of the identity of sun and earth, spirit and flesh.


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