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The Lord of Harmonious Change
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"Two of Disks or Pentacles"

Two of Disks: Change.  Jupiter in Capricornus.  Chokmah.  Here are two pentacles, the Chinese Yang and Yin.  The crowned serpent surrounds them as they revolve.  The card suggests that the universe is sustained in space by its rotating action.

Change.  Chokmah in the element of Earth.  Jupiter in Capricornus.   The card represents the two pentacles, one above the other, and are the Chinese symbols Yang and Yin.  About them is a green Serpent; he forms the figure 8.   This card symbolises the doctrine: Change is the support of stability.

Change.  Harmony of change.  Alternation of gain and loss, weakness and strength, elation and melancholy.  Varying occupation.  Wandering.   Visit to friends.  Pleasant change.  Industrious yet unreliable person.


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