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The Lord of Material Works
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"Three of Pentacles"

Three of Disks: Work (Card title is actually "Works.") Mars in Capricornus. Binah. A Three-dimensional pyramid is looked at from above.  It is placed on three wheels on which are the signs for mercury, sulphur and salt, a fundamental analysis of the components of earth according to the alchemists.

Work.  Binah in the element of Earth.  Mars in Capricornus.

This card represents a pyramid viewed from above.  The base is formed of three wheels which typify Mercury, Sulphur and Salt, Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas, Aleph, Shin, and Mem.  This means the material establishment of the idea of the universe.

Works.  Business.  Paid employment.  Commercial transaction.   Constructive building up.  Increase of material things.  Growth.   Commencement of matters to be established later.  Ill-dignified: Selfish, narrow, prejudiced, greedy person seeking impossibilities.


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