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The Lord of Material Trouble
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"Five of Pentacles"

Five of Disks: Worry.  Mercury in Taurus.  Geburah.  Five disks in a inverted pentagram  They are surrounded by other disks which are bent and torn by strain.  The picture shows suppressed action and the binding of celestial forces to mechanical purposes.

Worry.  Geburah in the suit of Earth.  Mercury in Taurus.

This represents the five Disks in an inverted pentagram.  The general effect is one of strain, yet the symbol is long-continued inaction.  Its natural meaning is intelligence applied to labour.

Worry.  Intense strain with continued inaction.  Loss of money.   Profession.  Monetary anxiety.  Poverty.  Well-dignified: Labor.   Land cultivation.  Building.  Intelligence applied to labor.


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