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The Lord of Material Success

"Six of Pentacles"

Six of Disks: Success.  Moon in Taurus.  Tiphareth.  The disks form a hexagram and represent the seven planets with the sun in the centre as a rose and cross.  These indicate the harmonious movement of the spheres.

Success.  Tiphareth in the suit of Earth.  Moon in Taurus.

The Disks are in a hexagram.  The planets are arranged in their usual attribution, in the centre the Sun as Rose and Cross.  This typifies the harmonious establishment of the energy of the Element.

Success.  Success and gain in material things.  Power.   Influence.  Nobility.  Philanthropy.  Somewhat dreamy and transitory situation.  Ill-dignified: Insolence.  Conceit with wealth.  Prodigality.


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