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The Lord of Success Unfulfilled

"Seven of Pentacles"

Seven of Disks: Failure.  Saturn in Taurus.  Netzach.  The disks are in the geomantic figure Rubeus.  They now represent only the one planet Earth and are engraved with the signs of Aries and Saturn.  The conception suggests the binding conditions of earthly life.

Failure.  Netzach in the suit of Earth.  Saturn in Taurus.  The Disks are arranged as in the geomantic figure Rubeus.  This card represents enfeeblement and blight.

Failure.  Labor abandoned.  Sloth.  Unprofitable speculation.   Promises of success unfulfilled.  Hopes deceived.  Disappointment.   Little gain from much labor.  Well-dignified: Delay but growth.   Honorable work undertaken for the love of work with no expectation of material gain.


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