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The Prince of the Chariot of Earth

"King of Pentacles"

Prince of Disks.  The prince in a chariot, drives an impetuous bull, he is a symbol of the fruits and seeds of earth.

Airy part of Earth or the florescence and fructification of that element.   He is seated in a chariot drawn by a bull.  His helmet is crowned by a bull, and he holds a Disk resembling a globe and marked with mathematical symbols.  In his other hand he carries a scepter surmounted by a cross.  The card symbolizes the function of bring forth from the Earth the vegetation which is the substance of the Spirit itself.

Represents the airy part of earth.  A young man bringing great energy to practical matters.  A capable manager and steadfast worker, competent, perhaps considered dull, somewhat resentful of spiritual types, slow to anger but implacable if aroused.


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