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The Lord of Perfected Work
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"Four of Wands"

Four of Wands: Completion.  Venus in Aries.  Chesed.  The wands are headed by rams and at the other end doves.  The number four conveys the introduction of order into creation.

Completion.  Chesed in the suit of Fire.  Venus in Aries.

The Wands are headed by the Ram sacred to Aries, and, at the other end, the doves of Venus.  The original Will of the Two has been transmitted through the Three, and is now built up into a solid system of order, law, and government.

Completion.  Perfected work.  Settlement.  Completion after much labor.  Rest.  Subtlety.  Cleverness.  Conclusions from previous knowledge.  Ill-dignified: Unreliability from overanxiousness and hurriedness of action.


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