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"Eight of Wands or Torches"

Eight of Wands: Swiftness.  Mercury in Sagittarius.  Hod.  The wands have turned into electric energy, above is a rainbow.  Here we have the acme of restless force.

Swiftness.  Hod in the suit of Fire.  Mercury in Sagittarius.

This card represents the Light - Wands turned into electrical rays constituting matter by their energy.  Above this restored Universe is the Rainbow, representing interplay and correlation.  It also shows the energy of high velocity.

Swiftness.  Speech.  Light.  Electricity.  Energy of high velocity.  Activity.  Approach to goal.  Letter of message.  Rapidity.   Boldness.  Freedom.  Ill-dignified: Too much force applied too suddenly.   A flash in the pan.


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