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"Nine of Wands or Torches"

Nine of Wands: Strength.  Moon in Sagittarius.  Yesod.  The small wands are the arrows of Diana, the master wand has the moon for its point and the sun for its base.  This shows the combined swiftness and heat of fire.

Strength.  Yesod in the suit of Fire.  Moon and Sagittarius.

The Wands have become arrows, eight in number, and one Master arrow which has the Moon for its point, and the Sun for the driving force above it.  This card gives the fullest development of the Force in its relation to the Forces above it.

Strength.  Power.  Health.  Success after opposition and strife.   Tremendous force.  Recovery from sickness.  Victory after apprehension and fear.  Illustrates the aphorism that "change is stability."


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