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The Fool: From the Little Booklet

The Fool.  Air.  Aleph.  The Fool is Air, Emptiness, also Potential Purity.  He holds the Wand of Fire, the Cup of Water, the Sword of Air, and the bag of planetary Disks.

Round him is the rainbow issuing from and returning to his heart, he wears the fool's cap, the horns of Bacchus, he stands on Harpocates, the Egyptian symbol of adolescent Fertility, he is unconscious of the tiger tearing at his side, he is the Green Man of the Celts, Daluah and Parsival.  This is the moment of divine consciousness.

The Fool is Air or Vacuum or Puissant innocence.  He holds the male element of fire, the female element of water, the sword of air, and the disc of earth.

He is the Green Man of Spring, the great Fool of the Celts, Daluah and Parsifal.  He is also Zeus Arrhenothelus, Dionysus Zagreus, Bacchus Diphues and Baphomet.

In spiritual matters, represents ideas, thoughts, spirituality, that which endeavors to transcend earth.  In material matters may show, if ill-dignified, folly, eccentricity, even mania.  It represents the original, subtle, sudden impulse coming from a strange and unexpected quarter.


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