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The Devil.

The Devil: The Lord of the Gates of Matter

The Lord of the Gates of Matter: the Child of the Forces of Time. Ayin. Capricorn.

The Devil.  Capricornus.  Ayin.  As this card is governed by Capricornus, we have the traditional goat.  On his forehead is the Eye of God, his curved horns represent the spiral force in nature, that is wanton creation, and his abandonment is emphasized by the bacchanalian bunch of grapes.  Beneath him are his votaries in two dividing cells, stressing the doctrine that all sin is division.   The background is designed from the marking on the planet Mars.  The Goat is supported on the Caduceus.  At the top of the Tree of Life at the back of the card is the ring of Saturn.

The Devil is here represented in the traditional form of the Goat.  The cult of the Goat represents the impulse to reckless creation without any regard for result.  Behind the Goat stands the Tree of Life, which pierces the Heavens in a medley of fantastic forms, recalling the markings on the planet Mars, always associated with the fiery material energy of creation.  In the transparent roots the sap is seen, seething and leaping in every direction.  The ring at the top is one of the rings of Saturn or Set, the Ass-headed god of the Egyptians.  The spiral shape of the horns is an allusion to the highest and most remote things.  Zoroaster defines God as "having a spiral force."

Blind impulse.  Irresistibly strong and unscrupulous person.   Ambition.  Temptation.  Obsession.  Secret plan about to be executed.  Hard work.  Endurance.  Aching discontent.  Materialism.   Fate.


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