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The Emperor.

The Emperor: Sun of the Morning, chief among the Mighty

Sun of the Morning, chief among the Mighty. Heh. Aries

The Emperor.  Aries.  Tzaddi.  Again he is seated according to tradition.  His legs form a right angle, typifying rule through unyielding law and order.  The goats behind him show he is governed by Aries, creative dominating force.  The bees on his costume may have originated from French tradition, but more probably they typify the bees of the Secret Doctrines in the Indian Upanishads.  The heraldic red eagle is the fiery sulphur of Alchemy.  The lamb is possibly, a reminiscence of the Knights Templar.

This card means Government by means of two contrasting symbols.  These are the Ram, which, when wild, is solitary and courageous, and the Lamb which is docile and cowardly, and is, in fact, the Ram tamed by authority.  The posture typifies the Alchemical Sulphur, the fiery element of the universe.  The Red Eagle represents the Red Tincture of the Alchemists, which is of the nature of gold.

War.  Conquest.  Victory.  Strife.  Stability.   Power.  Originality.  Government.  Energy.  Ambition.   Ill-dignified; Overweening pride.  Megalomania.  Rashness.   Ill-temper.


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