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The Hermit.

The Hermit: The Magus of the Voice of Power

The Magus of the Voice of Power, the Prophet of the Eternal. Yod. Virgo.

The Hermit.  Virgo.  Yod.  Here we have, in the hand of the Hermit, the lamp or Sacred Wisdom.  It contains the Sun which is hidden beneath the surrounding darkness to fructify the earth.  The Hermit is looking at the Egg (Universe) which is surrounded by the snake, a symbol of life.  The hounds of hell endeavour to snatch the sacred light and the little Homunculus.  The wheat is in the masonic tradition.

The letter, to which this card is attributed, is the letter Yod, the foundation of all the other letters of the Hebrew Alphabet.  The symbolism is that of the Creator of Life and his representative is the Spermatozoon.  For that reason the card is called the Hermit.  In the same order of ideas the Hermit holds the lamp whose centre is the Sun.  The Egg, surrounded by the coils of a snake, typifies the Universe, while the snake signifies the fluidic essence of light, which is the life of the Universe.  In this card are traces of the legend of Persephone.  The serpent Wand, here seen growing out of the Abyss, is the Wand of Mercury, the guide of the soul through the lower regions.  The letter Yod means "a hand," and the hand is the centre of the design.

Illumination from within.  Divine inspiration.  Wisdom.   Prudence.  Circumspection.  Retirement from participation in current events.


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