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The Hierophant.

The Hierophant: The Magus of the Eternal

The Magus of the Eternal. Vau. Taurus

The Hierophant.  Taurus.  Vau.  The Hierophant is seated on his governing sign Taurus, the elephants are the Indian form of the same.

The pentagram with a point upwards and the dancing child shows that he has the heart of a child; in the reversed pentagram the meaning seems to suggest he has dominion through will; the final pentagram again points upwards, showing his acceptance of a governing cosmic law.  The four masks are the Cherubim, man, eagle, lion and bull.

His votary the woman, stands with her sword pointing downwards signifying, perhaps, that woman in the future will draw fresh wisdom by the use of her subconscious.

The reference in this card is to Taurus the Bull and its indian equivalent, the Elephant.  The pentagram with its dancing male child symbolises the New Aeon of the child Horus, which takes the place of the Old Aeon that has governed us for 2,000 years.  The Hierophant moves only at intervals of 2,000 years.  The four masks are the guardians of every mystery, culminating in the Grand Mystery of the uniting of microcosm and macrocosm.  The woman before the hierophant represents Venus, now armed and militant.  The Wand with its interlaced rings shows the three Aeons of Isis, Osiris and Horus.

Divine wisdom.  Inspiration.  Stubborn strength.  Toil.   Endurance.  Persistence.  Teaching.  Help from superiors.   Patience.  Organization.  Peace.  Goodness of heart.  Occult force voluntarily invoked.


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