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The Lovers.

The Lovers: The Children of the Voice

The Children of the Voice; the Oracles of the Mighty Gods. Zain.   Gemini

The Lovers.  Gemini.  Zain.  This is an alchemical card illustrating the marriage or union of two opposites, thus we have the prince and princess holding the wand and the cup.  Cain and Abel, Lilith and Eve.  The swords at the back suggest the intellectual process in the uniting of two elements.   The figure of the Creator blesses this deliberate synthesis.  The alchemical white eagle of salt and the red eagle of sulphur, the Egg of wisdom and the winged wand of Osiris are at the bottom of the card.

This specifically alchemical card is a symbol of procreation, the swords drawing attention to the process of division which actually takes place.  Cain and Abel represent the refusal of God to hear the children of Eve until blood is shed.   This seems to be the symbolisation of external religion.  It was by means of the shedding of blood and of external religions that Cain was able to have contact with his fellow men.  In that sense the meaning of the card is the giving of science to mankind, since the murder symbolises analysis and subsequent contact, synthesis.

Openness to inspiration.  Intuition.  Intelligence.   Childishness.  Attraction.  Beauty.  Love.  Ill-dignified; Self-contradiction.  Instability.  Indecision.  Union in a shallow degree with others.  Superficiality.


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