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Lust: The Daughter of the Flaming Sword

The Daughter of the Flaming Sword. Teth. Leo.

Lust.  Leo.  Teth.  This card was called Strength.   It means joy in desire.  The lion has seven heads, an angel, a saint, a poet, a warrior, a bacchante, a satyr and a lion-serpent.  The woman has given herself to the forces of life.  She holds the Cup or impregnated womb.  The horns surrounding it represent the male element.  The figures under the feet of the lion are the martyrs to whom this path towards Union is an empty dream.  The reins which are held by the woman are the passion which unites her to the Beast.

This card was formally called Strength.  It implies, however, not only strength, but joy in strength exercised.  The seven heads of the lion are, respectively, that of an angel, saint, poet, adulteress, warrior, satyr, and lion-serpent.   The central figure is the woman, who has surrendered herself to all the forces of creation and who rides astride of the Beast.  In her left hand she holds the reins, as representing the passion which unites them, and in her right she holds aloft the Cup aflame with love and death.  In this Cup are mingled the elements of the sacrament of the Aeon.  In the background are the bloodless figures of the saints on whom this mirage travails, for their whole life has been absorbed into the Holy Grail.

Courage.  Strength.  Energy.  Use of magical power.   Control of the life force.  Great love affair.  Resort to magic.


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