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The Magician.

The Magician: The Magus of Power

The Magus of Power. Beth. Mercury

The Magician or Juggler.  (The description of the picture seems to match the version of The Magus included in the reproduction of the Thoth Tarot, although the title is different.)  Mercury.  Beth.  He is Mercury, the messenger of God, and juggles with the four symbols of the elements, and the papyrus or Word, the pen or Will, the wand or Wisdom.

He represents the creative force in action.

As Thoth in Egyptian tradition, his attendant and shadow is the Cynocephalus Ape.

(Lady Harris is referring here to a different version of The Magus card than is printed in the Thoth deck.  The version to which she refers is reproduced in THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF TAROT by Stuart R. Kaplan, page 243)  Mercury, who is Wisdom, Will and Word, by whom the world is created, symbolises the fluidic basis of all transmission of activity.  Behind him and through him is the Ape, Hanuman, which is a Hindu conception.  The Egyptian counterpart, Thoth is also always followed by the Cynocephalus Ape.

Skill.  Wisdom.  Adroitness.  Elasticity.   Craft.  Cunning.  Deceit.  Theft.  Sometimes occult wisdom or power.  Messages.  Business transactions.  Ill-dignified; Learning or intelligence


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