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The Sun.

The Sun: The Lord of the Fire of the World

The Lord of the Fire of the World. Resh. Sun.

The Sun.  Sun.  Resh.  This card shows the simple human approach to the mysteries.  The Sun is the lord of life, liberty, light and love.  The children are dancing with butterfly wings.  They are surrounded by the signs of the Zodiac, showing the different houses through which the Sun passes.

This card represents the Lord of the new Aeon, the Lord of Light, Life, Liberty and Love, and the complete emancipation of the human race.  The green mound represents the fertile earth, but the presence of a wall shows that the new Aeon does not mean the absence of control.  The twin children are represented as dancing outside the wall, because they typify the new stage in human history, the stage of complete freedom from the restrictions imposed by such ideas as sin and death.

Glory.  Gain.  Riches.  Triumph.  Pleasure.   Frankness.  Truth.  Shamelessness.  Manifestation.  Recovery from sickness, but sometimes sudden death.  Ill-dignified; Arrogance.  Vanity.


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