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The Universe.

The Universe: The Great One of  the Night of Time

The Great One of  the Night of Time. Tau. Earth and Saturn.

The Universe.  Saturn.  Earth.  Tau.  The universe is represented as a maiden dancing with a great spiral serpent.  She holds the Moon in her hand and the Sun is merged in the Eye of God.  These two planets typify the positive and negative forces.  Behind her is a geometrical solid by Moebius.  Around her are all the stars of the Zodiac, the curved seventy-two lines stand for the quinaries and are also an attempt to convey movement and to give the fourth dimension of time.  Beneath her is Sullivan's map of chemical elements.  At the Four corners are the Cherubim or Winds of Heaven, the bull, the lion, the eagle and the man.

This card is attributed to the letter Tau.  Together with the first card, the Fool, the word Ath is spelled, meaning Essence.  Thus all reality is comprised in the series of which these two cards are the beginning and the end.   The letter Tau symbolises a fourfold extension, applicable to the transcendence of space and time by a continually self-compensating change.  The letter is further attributed to Saturn, the slowest of the planets, and on that account associated with the element of Earth.  Saturn is the old god, the god of fertility.  The presence of the letter Tau upon the Tree of Life indicates a state of equilibrium between change and stability.  The glyph on the card, therefore, symbolises the completion of the Great Work.  The image of the Universe is a maiden, the final letter of Tetragrammaton.   She is represented as dancing with the Great spiral-forming Serpent or Sun.   She is surrounded by ten symbols.  About her is an ellipse composed of seventy-two circles for the quinaries of the Zodiac.  At the corners of the card are the four Kerubim, showing the established Universe.  In the centre is the Wheel of Life, initiating the form of the Tree of Life, which is visible only to those of pure heart.  On the lower part of the card is visible only to those of pure heart.   On the lower part of the card is the late J.W.N. Sullivan's well-known map of the chemical elements.

The essence of the question itself.  Synthesis.  The end of the matter.  Delay.  Opposition.  Inertia.  Perseverance.  Patience.   The crystallization of the whole matter involved.


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