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The Lord of loss in Pleasure
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"Five of Cups or Chalices"

Five of Cups: Disappointment.  Mars in Scorpio.  Geburah.  The cups are arranged on the stalks of the lotus in an inverted pentagram.  Love has lost its first glamour.

Disappointment.  Geburah in the suit of Water.  mars in Scorpio.

The Cups are empty.  They are arranged in an inverted pentagram.   They are arranged in an inverted pentagram.  They symbolise the triumph of matter over spirit.

Disappointment.  End of pleasure.  Disturbance when least expected.   Misfortune.  Disappointment in love.  Unkindness from friends.  Loss of friendship.  Treachery.  Ill will.  Sadness.  Vain regret.


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