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The Lord of Pleasure
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"Six of Chalices"

Six of Cups: Pleasure.  Sun in Scorpio.  Tiphareth.  The cups are full but do not overflow, here is love for personal gratification.

Pleasure.  Tiphareth in the suit of Water.  Sun in Scorpio.

The Lotus stems are grouped in an elaborate movement.  Water gushes into them; they are full but not overflowing.  This shows the influence of the Sun on Water.  His fierce but balanced power operates on a type of putrefaction which is the basis of fertility.

Pleasure.  Well-being.  Harmony of natural forces without effort or strain.  Ease.  Satisfaction.  Happiness.  Success.  Fulfillment of sexual will.  Beginning of steady increase (but beginning only).   Ill-dignified: Vanity.  Presumptuousness.  Thanklessness.


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