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The Lord of Illusionary Success
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"Seven of Chalices"

Seven of Cups: Debauch.  Venus in Scorpio.  Netzach.  Here the effort to increase pleasure has ended in corruption.  The lotuses have become poisonous and the cups are chipped.

Debauch.  Netzach in the suit of Water.  Venus in Scorpio.

The Lotuses have become poisonous; green slime issues from them.  They are arranged in two descending triangles, with a lower cup much larger than the rest.   This shows external splendour and internal corruption.

Debauch.  Delusion.  Illusory success.  Drug addiction.   Intoxication.  Guilt.  Lying.  Deceit.  Promises unfulfilled.   Lust.  Fornication.  Dissipation in love and friendship.  Vanity.


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