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The Lord of Perfected Success
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"Ten of Cups or Chalices"

Ten of Cups: Satiety.  Mars in Pisces.  Malkuth.  The cups are arranged on the Tree of Life and a great lotus overshadows them.  Exhaustion, which comes from expended energy, is expressed.

Satiety.  Malkuth in the suit of Water.  Mars in Pisces.

The Cups are arranged as in the Tree of Life, but they are unstable and spill the water from the great Lotus that hangs over them.  This typifies the disruptive and violent force which, inevitably, attacks every supposed perfection.

Satiety.  Pursuit of pleasure crowned with perfect success but incomplete.   Matters arranged and settled as wished.  Lasting success.  Peacemaking and generosity.  Ill-dignified; Dissipation.  Debauchery.  Pity.   Waste.  Stagnation.


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