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Matrika #2 @7314
Sun Apr 08 11:58:12 1990
RE: Astral Travel simplicity itself

The step by step instructions that I was taught, similar to those in the LLEWELYN Practical Guide to Astral Travel, worked better for me - it took me a lot of practice to get to where I could do it and it seems that for most people it takes practice, although some can do it spontaneously. In fact it happens to some the first few times with no warning and then, after worrying they have gone crazy for a while, they later learn what it is. But I did just want to say for those like me for whom it does NOT come easy, not to get discouraged but to try working with it one step at a time.

Two interesting points about astral travel for me. One is that I find it more interesting to explore the astral planes than to explore specific locations on this plane. However when you are first learning, exploring specific locations on this plane can help. Laurie Cabot suggests picking a store near you that you have never been in, try projecting to it, immediately on arising write down your impressions of it and then, as soon as you can, visit the store and check out your impressions. If they are not all correct, don't be discouraged The example she gives is DID YOU SEE RED BEHIND THE CASH REGISTER AND IT'S NOT THERE? Perhaps the cashier that day or evening was wearing a Red sweater! The longer you wait to visit the establishment, the more likely it is they will move something or change a display, so go soon after your visit. The second is that I used to do it as a kid, no problem - right up until my Dad told me it was all in my head and I had imagined it. Then I couldn't do it anymore.

A note here - My DAD, who used to be a hard-core skeptic, started attending a spiritualist Church I hung-out at when he married my step-mother. I find it humorous that originally he went there because it was non-denominational so you don't have to believe everything the ministers teach and because he liked the ministers, but he didn't buy the Psychic stuff. Well, lately he's changing his mind as he's had some startling experiences. I'm good, I'm nice, I don't tell him he is imagining things. But I can't help laughing about it to myself just a little bit.

Oh, some of the stuff the Llewelyn book suggests is to practice opening your chakras first and grounding the energy, work on that for 1 week to 1 month. WHEN YOU HAVE IT DOWN PAT (be honest with yourself here or you can forget it) work on projecting a cloud of your energy out through your solar plexus (some people work better projecting from the 3d eye, I personally project the body through the solar plexus and when I project the consciousness into it, I do it via the 3d eye. BUT since these are all merely visual aids to doing something non-physical, I am not sure that it matters IF YOU ARE ACHIEVING VALID RESULTS) and leaving this energy as a cloud only then reabsorbing it. YOU DO NOT PROJECT YOUR AWARENESS INTO IT. You absolutely MUST reabsorb it. That is done for a week or a month or however long it takes. It is done by creative visualization until you get it to the point where you can feel that it is something more. 

Then you do the same thing for a week or a month, ONLY YOU SHAPE THE CLOUD INTO A SIMULACRUM OF YOUR BODY (if you are also trying to heal yourself, use the ideal form you wish to achieve - make it realistic and so it looks like you) WITHOUT projecting consciousness to it, you send it out to watch a situation you can later check on for yourself. When it comes back at a prearranged time later on, meditate for a while and write down your impressions AND DO NOT THROW ANY OF THEM OUT AS THEY SEEM SILLY OR IMPOSSIBLE - truth is often stranger than fiction. Check on these later, DISCREETLY -don't TELL people you sent an astral traveler to them, say I HEARD THAT you went such and such a place today while I was in school so you can say to your mom that someone saw her and told you or something, OR just say it's a hunch, or, if you have the impression that your mom called your grandmother while you were in school, just say I WONDER HOW GRANDMA IS DOING? and see if your mother doesn't say, THAT'S WEIRD SHE CALLED ME TODAY.

PEOPLE GET PARANOID IF THEY THINK THAT YOU CAN WATCH THEM - AND THEY ALSO THINK YOU ARE THE CRAZY ONE IF YOU SAY YOU CAN DO THIS. Interestingly enough science (psychology) tells us that one of the classic symptoms of Paranoia is to think the OTHER person is crazy.

Always be sure to bring the simulacrum back at the pre-arranged time and REABSORB IT!

The next step is to project consciousness into it, go out with it, and reabsorb the energy/substance afterwards - but only try this once you have the watcher exercise down pat.




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