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October 21st is { Shamhain } Samhain, pronounced Sow-an or Sow-een, is also called Halloween.
December 21st is { Winter Solstice } Yule, is also known as The Winter Solstice.
February 21st is { Imbolc } Imbolc, or Imbolg, is also known as Candlemas. In America there is a holiday known as Groundhog's Day celebrated on this day.
March 21st is { Vernal Equinox } Vernal Equinox, is also called The Spring Equinox.
April 30th is { Beltane } Beltane, or Beltaine, is another name for May Day.
June 21st is { Summer Solstice }  Lughnasad, is also called Lammas.
August 2nd is { Lughnasad }   
September 21st is {Autumn Equinox }  Autumn Equinox, is called the Fall Equinox in the U.S.A


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