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Love Spell: 2

take a lock of her hair, some nail clippings, and menstrual fluid. 
take a lock of your hair, some of your nail clippings, and some of  your semen. wrap these items neatly in bright red paper. with gold ink write the Chinese characters for love, good fortune,  and happiness on side. on the other side write your true name.

now gather your chi and infuse the package with your chi. 
you must do this at sunrise after the Chinese new year and before the vernal equinox (northern hemisphere).

note: make sure you gather the semen correctly.
write the Chinese characters precisely.
know your true name.
know how to gather chi and infuse chi.

warning: this is not a minor undertaking. technically you're binding your life into this spell. if you do not protect or properly undo this spell, you risk serious harm to yourself. if you do not do this spell properly, you risk serious harm to yourself.
if you really mess up this spell, you mess up your life and her life.

By: peter li'ir key


This page last updated: 02/27/2018

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