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Lust Spell: 3

...Spare's description of sigilization from _The Grimoire of Zos_

"Unto this period I had only copulated the atmosphere or rode whores, lined old hags, witches and bitches of all kinds, there being few virgins. The autotelic wish into heterotelic conception is by consummation through using an urn of correct shape and dimension which must co-relate nearly to that of the lingham used - so that there is sufficient vacuum. At the moment of orgasm the wish must be imperatively formulated.
After ejaculation, seal the vase with your sigil and with the secret formula of your desire. Bury it at midnight, the moon being quartered. When the moon wanes, disinter the vase and pour the contents as a libation into the earth with suitable incantation, and rebury the same. This is the most formidable formula known, never fails, and is dangerous...
Hence what is not herein described must be guessed. From his formula was derived the legend of the _genii of the brazen vessel associated with Soloman!"

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