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Lust Spell: 5

There are many folkloric talismans for love and sex, and they are as varied as the cultures from which they arise.

Two of my favorites are from the Quechua people of Bolivia and Peru -- these are the munachi (to cause to love) and munaiwarmi (woman's love) stones. A fully illustrated write-up of these talismans and the manner in which they are used (tying a hair from each of the lovers around them to maintain faithfulness over long distances) can be found in the Lucky W Amulet Archive. Here are the URLS:

Munachi: http://www.sonic.net/yronwode/munachi.html
Munaiwarmi: http://www.sonic.net/yronwode/munaiwarmi.html

Another talisman of this type, from a different culture, is the   African-American paired lodestone mojo bag. This will ensure continued sexual attraction during absences; it is for two partners to perform together. You will need a pair of lodestones, magnetic sand, anointing oil, and two red flannel mojo bags. These supplies can be found at any Hoodoo supply store.

Select two lodestones (naturally occurring magnetic iron ore) that make a good "pair" -- when placed head to tail they should attract strongly and share a flat surface in common. Place them together, and cover them with magnetic sand (iron filings and powdered lodestone) to give them a "hairy" coating. Anoint the loadestones with any of the various Hoodoo oils that relate to faithful love (like "Love Me" oil) and, for extra power, with semen and menstrual blood. Say a prayer for the continuation of your love over long distances. Gently separate the lodestones, keeping as much magnetic sand on them as possible, and place one in each bag. Tie the bags shut and each keep one while you are apart. They will draw you back together again. When you are reunited, complete the ritual by taking the lodestones out and reuniting them, head to tail, and dressing them with more magnetic sand and more oil and with your bodily fluids if desired. Thereafter you may keep the lodestones in a bowl on your altar or you may bury them together in the Earth.

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By: catherine yronwode


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