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Bhakti Yoga
survival into the 21st century

"Stand ready and watch the heart... It is not easy to love, as do the great ones, with a pure love which requires nothing back; with an impersonal love that rejoices where there is a response, but looks not for it, and loves steadily, quietly, and deeply through all apparent divergences, knowing that when each has found the way home, the home will be found to be at-one-ment."


Bhakti Yoga is the yoga of love sometimes called the Path of Devotion. Bhakti yoga is worship of God in all of God's creations. It is seeing everything as divine in its innermost essence. In its most highly developed form, Bhakti yoga is that perfect love which can give everything and ask for nothing because it is everything and it gives only to itself. In so giving it perfects all manifestations created out of itself. The individual is perfected as one of these creations, until the realization of ones ness with Pure Existence comes and then he or she becomes a perfect instrument through which God's love expresses itself.
To the Bhakti yogi the happiness of all beings is his or her happiness. Their joy is his or her joy, their fulfillment is his or her fulfillment because the Bhakti yogi sees his or her self as being the self in all. The Bhakti yogi has perfect patience. He or she recognizes love as a process of helping other people and beings to manifest their evolutionary expressions. The Bhakti yogi's identification and happiness goes beyond his or her own personality to include all life. In dealing with fellow humans, the Bhakti yogi recognizes love as a process of experiencing together. The experience is the one consciousness working through both people or human instrumentalities. Love is recognizing yourself in another person or being. The Bhakti yogi recognizes love as being and acting in harmony with another person. The Bhakti yogi understands that as soon as we are ready to give in love; God, as our own self, supplies us with infinite love, wisdom and power and all resources to express love.
We have not to receive love but to become love. Love is the creative power of our own immutable existence. It is the practical expression of our oneness with God and the whole creation. Love should not drive us in the form of desire, it should emanate from us as the expression of God's eternal presence in us and in all the form of desire, it should emanate from us as the expression of God's eternal presence in us and in all life. Love is a state of experiencing your consciousness inside other people and beings, helping them to grow and express outward, to present their gift to the world.
Love is also the state of total joy and happiness. Even the sense of being unhappy implies a concept of what happiness should be which shows us that we already contain happiness and happiness is our real nature. As a manifestation of pure being, we must create happiness rather than try to seek it outside ourselves. It is work to be unhappy. All work has evolutionary value. Therefore all unhappiness must eventually lead to happiness. Evolution starts with existence and is consummated in love. Love is the highest product of the evolutionary process.
Love is experiencing the beauty and goodness in every detail of life. Love is a universal force that expresses itself on every plane of manifestation. On the highest level it is the complete harmony and intercommunication between all the points in the universe. Without this detailed appreciation there is no enrichment or experience. Even wisdom, great as it is, is only the skeleton of life, the evolutionary blueprint. Love is the accomplished fact of the cosmic harmony, the flesh on the skeleton of cosmic law, the life of the universe. In the presence of love, all beings give up their enmity and live in peace and harmony.
Love is God's highest gift to humankind, the force which gives meaning and purpose to existence.
The practice of Bhakti yoga is the best means of organizing and perfecting the desire or astral body. But it is a universal power that will transfigure every aspect of the human being. When the highest love incarnates in the human being, obedience to God is inevitable. In that state human will and God's will become identical.


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