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Becoming an expert at Oral Sex:
What is cunnilingus?

The arousal of a woman with your mouth and tongue -cunnilingus- is one of the most useful sexual variations known to man and is certainly one of the most stimulating experiences known to women. Your tongue and mouth are very versatile. They can suck, moisten, and use varied caresses. You can use cunnilingus as a way of making sure that your partner is satisfied, as a way of arousing your woman before intercourse, or as a substitute for intercourse.

How do I introduce cunnilingus to my partner?

When you introduce your partner to cunnilingus, go softly. Kiss the outer lips of her vulva without inserting your tongue.With the tip of your tongue lick at her clitoris very gently. Just use your tongue so you don't smother the clitoris and deaden the sensation. Don't forget while you are licking that you can use your hands to reach up and caress her breasts and her nipples. After you have stimulated the clitoris, part her outer lips with your tongue and insert your stiffened tongue into her vagina. At this point, you can carefully hold the outer lips apart and run your tongue tip back up to her clitoris. Lick it softly and steadily until she becomes more aroused. The persistent rhythmic licking of your tongue tip on her clitoris is what will eventually bring her to an orgasm.

You can increase your partner's pleasure while you are licking her by inserting one of your fingers into her vagina. This can deeply increase her pleasure.

Keep licking the clitoris for about 15 minutes. It takes a woman a lot longer to orgasm than a man. This is where stamina becomes very important. 

Once she becomes very excited, its important to keep a steady consistent movement. This can assist her in reaching higher levels of pleasure.

A man might feel more comfortable performing oral sex on a women when he realizes that as long as she keeps herself clean and is healthy, licking her vaginal secretions is quite sanitary. You may want to take a bath or shower with your partner before performing oral sex.

What are the most common mistakes?

A common mistake many men make is licking the clitoris too soon, before the proper teasing has been done. Remember to take your time.

Using the same pattern on the same spot can get boring. Try to be creative

If you know a certain technique that drives your woman wild with excitement, try to bypass it and come back to it later. This will drive her crazy.

This page last updated: 02/27/2018

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